Dear students,

Γρηγόρης ΜπεληγιάννηςWelcome to the Department of Food Science & Technology and to the hospitable city of Agrinio. The Department was established following the needs of society for a modern and pioneering University Department that will deal with production and processing of foods that are an integral part of life and human health. Given that in recent decades we increasingly realize the huge importance of nutrition, not only for health but also for our quality of life, there is a strong need for scientific knowledge to be produced, developed and offered to society through trained scientists in this field. This is both the ultimate and the most ambitious objective of the Department of Food Science & Technology in the context of synergies and interdisciplinary flows between the other departments that make up the School of Agricultural Sciences of University of Patras.

To achieve the above objectives, a special curriculum was designed lasting 5 years, which in the future is expected to lead to the award of an Integrated Masters (Level 7) to its graduates, taking into account the most modern educational requirements internationally, and adopting modern and innovative practices in both theoretical and laboratory training of its students. The realization of courses and workshops are carried out in modern and fully equipped building facilities, which serve two more Departments of the University of Patras, creating thus the necessary conditions for a beautiful and youthful academic environment.

With this Study Guide you can get a complete picture of a) the structure, operation and coordination of the Department, b) the Programme of studies and the content of the courses, c) important student issues such as housing, meals, healthcare and other pieces of information.

The Department of Food Science & Technology, although new, aspires to be one of the most dynamic and modern Agricultural Departments of Greece. That is why we will pursue an excellent climate cooperation, academic development and support between teaching /administrative staff and students, staying by your side throughout your studies.

We welcome you once again and wish you Good luck with your studies!

Agrinio, September 2024

The Chair of the Department

Grigorios Beligiannis