The Internship is an Elective Course of the spring semester that students can choose in the 6th, 8th and 10th semesters of study, or in any semester if students are under graduate status. The internship has a duration of two (2) consecutive months and can be carried out in a wide variety of bodies related to the scientific subject of the Department of Food Science and Technology such as Public Research and Research Institutions, Research Institutes, Industries, Private Companies, Non-Governmental Environmental Organizations etc.

The internship usually takes place between the 1st of July and the 31st of August, but students can choose to take the internship in any two months within the spring semester. The supervision of each student is expected to be undertaken by a professor of the Department as an Academic Supervisor, who will be the one who will confirm the successful completion of it. The obligations of each Academic Supervisor include control over the realization of the student’s internship. After the successful completion of the two-month employment at the internship institution, each Academic Supervisor prepares and submits to the Internship Committee the Student Assessment Report so that the student can secure both the internship course and receive his/her compensation, which reaches the total amount of 500 Euros. Usually, due to the limited number of internship places, students entitled for an internship are selected upon certain selection criteria.

The selection criteria are as follows:

  • a) The number of courses that the University student has successfully passed
  • b) The average grade of the student.
  • c) The student’s year of study.

Scoring criteria on how to select students are described below:

  • Applicants are ranked in descending order according to the number that follows from the above 3 criteria as follows: Ranking order = a * b / c
  • In case of students with serious illnesses or disabilities, these students precede the selection and the above scoring does not apply to them.
  • Right to object and time to file objections: Students have the right to object to the results within 3 days from the posting of the results.
  • Validation of results: The results are validated by the Internship Committee and are sent to the Secretariat of the Department.
  • Informing interested parties: Students are informed about the final selection by announcements posted on the website of the Internship Office and the Department and via email receiving personal data issues in each case.